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Advocacy Campaigns and Embedded Evaluators: Lessons Learned

In 2014, two large advocacy campaigns launched in Pennsylvania: The Campaign for Fair Education Funding (CFEF) and The Pre-K for PA Campaign (Pre-K for PA).
CFEF drew on a broad base of education stakeholders in pursuit of two goals: passing a fair funding formula for use in allocation of the state’s budget for schools and increasing the overall amount of funding available for K-12 education. Pre-K for PA focused on expanding the resources available in Pennsylvania for pre-k, concentrating on expanding access to high-quality pre-k.
From 2014 to 2016, TCC Group (TCC) partnered with Pre-K for PA and CFEF to act as their embedded evaluator. This piece shares nine insights from the first two years of work.


Published: September 2017
Kate Locke, Jared Raynor, and Deepti Sood, TCC Group
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