Great Learning

A Scan of Early Childhood Education Quality Improvement Programs in Southeastern PA's Delaware, Philadelphia, and Montgomery Counties

This project grew out of a desire to create a clearer picture of the breadth and depth of early childhood education (ECE) quality improvement programs (QIPs) operating in the service region of the Southeast Regional Key (SERK). The Southeast Regional Key (SERK) is a program of the Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC) and is part of Keystone STARS, a state-wide initiative designed to promote quality early learning environments and positive child outcomes.

The region also boasts several other quality improvement initiatives beyond Keystone STARS. These initiatives share a common goal of improving ECE quality, with an eye toward long-term child-specific outcomes related to kindergarten readiness, academic success, and positive socio¬economic outcomes later in life. Yet, both the SERK and the agencies managing these initiatives lack comprehensive information on other QIP programs and on the quality improvement landscape in general.

A total of 23 QIPs operated by 10 agencies were asked to complete detailed surveys on each of their programs, followed by telephone interviews. Data on the local ECE provider community was also provided by the Southeast Regional Key.

Published: October 2012
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